Susan Glasser

Writer, The New Yorker, and Co-Author

When Washington Ran The World: Insights From The Life Of James A. Baker III

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This biography of James Baker provides an inside look into how Washington actually worked in a different era. Both political parties recognized the legitimacy of the other side, compromises were made, and solutions produced. As our nation inaugurates a new administration, journalist-author Susan Glasser shares what she has learned from research and writing the illuminating story of a man whose service, over 25 years, ranged from White House Chief of Staff to Secretary of State. “Baker wanted to be taken seriously as a man of state, not merely a political operative,” one reviewer observed. In this starkly divisive time, can the nation recapture any of the bipartisanship that once powered the U.S. at home and abroad?

About the Speaker

Susan B. Glasser is a staff writer at The New Yorker, penning the weekly “Letter From Trump's Washington.” Glasser has served as the top editor of several Washington publications. Most recently, she founded Politico Magazine and rose to become editor of Politico, the daily online news site, through the 2016 election. Previously, Ms. Glasser served as editor of Foreign Policy magazine. She also worked for a decade at The Washington Post as an editor, political reporter, and foreign correspondent. Her assignments included four years in Moscow as co-bureau chief with husband Peter Baker, now with The New York Times. They have co-authored two books: Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin and the End of Revolution (2005) and The Man Who Ran Washington: The Life and Times of James A. Baker III (2020). She tweets @sbg1.