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OTR Speakers Make News


David E. Sanger: 50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation's Security "At Risk" (The New York Times, August 2016)


Nicholas Burns (quoted): NATO Unity, Tested by Russia, Shows Some Cracks (The New York Times, July 2016)


Richard Haass and Nicholas Burns on Syria Policy (Charlie Rose, June 2016)


John Micklethwait and David Miliband discuss Brexit (Charlie Rose, June 2016)


Prince Turki Al-Faisal (quoted): Saudi Prince Urges American Voters to 'Make the Right Choice' on Donald Trump


David Rothkopf (interview): Saudi Arabia Rethinks Dependence on Oil Revenue


Prince Turki Al-Faisal (quoted): In Saudi Visit, Obama Faces 'Curveball' in Ties With Kingdom


Richard Haass: What Is Brazil's Way Forward From Impeachment Vote?


Farah Pandith (featured): Debate over women in Islam spills over into second day with Farah Pandith and Zainab Salbi


Joe Cirincione: Is That All There Is? Obama's Disappointing Nuclear Legacy


Frances Fukuyama and Joseph Stiglitz (both quoted): US: The "Trumpism" To Come


Ian Bremmer (quoted): Donald Trump is dismissing NATO as 'obsolete' and he might be playing right into Russia's hand


Richard Haass: New World Order is New World Disorder


Prince Turki Al Faisal stresses the need to revitalize Saudi-Iran dialogue


Ian Bremmer: What's at Stake in an Economy With Low Oil Prices


Young Patron Speakers

Haroon Moghul: It's time for Bosnia and Albania to step forward and host Syrian refugees


Ayman Mohyeldin: Unrealized Dreams: Egypt After the Arab Spring


Haroon Moghul: Islam Was a Religion of Love, and the Taj Mahal Proves It


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