The Honorable Kevin Rudd

President and CEO, Asia Society

HITCHCOCK LECTURE: Power In the Indo-Pacific: China Faces the Quad Alliance - Australia, India, Japan & the U.S.

About the Topic

In his first Congressional address, President Biden mentioned China four times and its leader three times. Among the references, “I . . . told President Xi that we’ll maintain a strong relationship in the Indo-Pacific, just as we do for NATO and Europe. Not to start a conflict, but to prevent one.” Just five days earlier, Xi had presided over the unprecedented commissioning of three navy ships in one day. Since Biden’s inauguration, both nations accused each other of increased hostilities in the region. And Biden moved swiftly to convene the Quad, on March 12th, meeting virtually with allies Australia, India, and Japan. How does the Quad compare to NATO? Do the four nations agree on a strategy to contain China? What pressures -- military and economic -- can China apply to undercut the alliance?

About the Speaker

Kevin Rudd became President and CEO of Asia Society in January 2021 and has been president of the Asia Society Policy Institute since January 2015. He served as Australia's 26th Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010, then as Foreign Minister from 2010 to 2012, before returning as Prime Minister in 2013. He is also a leading international authority on China. Rudd began his career as a China scholar, serving as an Australian diplomat in Beijing before entering Australian politics. He is the author of three books including The Case for Courage (In the National Interest) (March 2021). He tweets @MrKRudd.