About OTR

Off the Record is the longest running women's foreign policy lecture forum in the United States. Created in 1938 under the aegis of the Foreign Policy Association, OTR enables our 500+ members and their guests to hear and to question renowned foreign policy leaders and thinkers on a regular basis. OTR is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. As the name Off the Record suggests, lectures may not be recorded or reported. 


The Founding of FPA and of OTR

In 1918, the Foreign Policy Association was founded as the League of Free Nations Association. Formed by 141 distinguished Americans to support President Woodrow Wilson’s peace efforts, the Association was reconstituted in 1923 as the Foreign Policy Association. John Foster Dulles and Eleanor Roosevelt were among the founders.

OTR was created in 1938 by 19 prominent women, including Eleanor Robson Belmont (later known as Mrs. August Belmont), to give women a greater voice in foreign policy discussions. OTR was founded as a series of lectures solely for women, to be conducted in smaller, more intimate groups and "off the record,” so that speakers would not be quoted in the press. 

Board of Governors

Chair - Bridget Foley 
Vice Chair - Susan Reiss Walsh 
Secretary - Maryann Sudo 
Treasurer - Cynthia Ogden

Courtney Katzenstein 
Elizabeth Littlefield
Anne Louvel
Nadia Malik 
Susan Nitze 
Janet Olshansky 
Erika Sauer, Ph.D. 
Jeri Sedlar
Jennifer Siebens
Maryann Sudo
Suzanne Thompson
Monica Voldstad
Midge Woolsey
Marilyn Wyatt, Ph.D.
Karen Zukerman

Young Patrons Council

Sarah Byun
Jonathan Cristol, Ph.D.
Joshua Fjelstad
Teagan Judd
Mia McCully
Noelle Pourrat
Nathaniel Shelley-Reade
Suna Vidinli

Past Chairs

Elinor Miner Lamont: 1946-1948                  Judith L. Biggs: 1991-1995
Mary Hand Darrell: 1948-1961                      Jacqueline M. Garrett: 1995-1997 
Mildred Adams Kenyon: 1961-1970              Anne Sitrick: 1997-2003
Elizabeth French Hitchcock: 1970-1976      Ann J. Charters: 2003-2008 
Doris C. Halaby: 1976-1979                            Jacqueline Adams: 2008-2010
Mary L. Belknap: 1979-1983                          Wendy E. Dietze: 2010-2012
Grace "Gay" Sloane Vance: 1983-1987        Rory Hayden: 2012-2014
Donna Dillon Manning: 1987-1991               Nadia S. Malik: 2014-2018