Nick Travaglini

Co-chair, New School Policy & Design for Outer Space, The New School for Social Research 

YOUNG PATRON EVENT: Debates in Space Law & Policy in 2021

About the Speaker

Nick Travaglini, pursuing an MA in liberal studies at The New School for Social Research, is a core member of the university’s chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS). An international organization, SEDS' focus is on social research as part of space exploration. Founded in February 2020 and nicknamed the “Space Squad,” this group is officially known as New School Policy and Design for Outer Space (NS-PDOS). It examines “the dynamics and distribution of egalitarian models of governance and design in space exploration . . . . “ Areas of its focus include space habitat governance, economy, risk, communications, and bioastronautics. During the SEDS 2020 international conference, Travaglini led a panel discussion entitled “STEM to STEAM” about ways to incorporate the arts into space studies. The group tweets @nspdos.

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