Gideon Rose

Editor, Foreign Affairs

Where America's Foreign Policy Goes From Here

About the Speaker

Gideon Rose is the Peter G. Peterson chair and editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, published by the Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Rose served as managing editor of the magazine from 2000 to 2010. Prior to this, he was the Olin senior fellow and deputy director of national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (1995-2000). Mr. Rose also served as associate director for Near East and South Asian affairs on the staff of the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration (1994-1995).Mr. Rose is author of How Wars End: Why We Always Fight the Last Battle (Simon & Schuster, 2010). His other publications include:

  • Understanding the War on Terror (Council on Foreign Relations, 2005, co-edited with James F. Hoge Jr.);
  • America and the World: Debating the New Shape of International Politics (Council on Foreign Relations, 2002, co-edited with James F. Hoge Jr.);
  • How Did This Happen? Terrorism and the New War (Public Affairs, 2001, co-edited with James F. Hoge Jr);
  • “Democracy Promotion and American Foreign Policy,” International Security (Winter 2000/2001);
  • “Conservatism and American Foreign Policy: Present Laughter vs. Utopian Bliss,” the National Interest (Fall 1999);
  • “It Can Happen Here: Facing the New Terrorism,” Foreign Affairs (March/April 1999);
  • The Rollback Fantasy,” Foreign Affairs (January/February 1999);
  • Neoclassical Realism and Theories of Foreign Policy,” World Politics (October 1998).

 Mr. Rose received his B.A. in classics from Yale University and his Ph.D. in government from Harvard University, and has taught American foreign policy at Columbia University and Princeton University.