Richard Pious

Adolph and Effie Ochs Professor, Barnard College, and Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University

The Coming Challenges to Barack Obama's Presidency

About the Topic

One year ago, America and the world were preparing for the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. The promise of hope and change was in the air, despite a global economic crisis and two wars. Richard M. Pious, the Adolph and Effie Ochs Professor at Barnard College and professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University, will use his skills as a presidential historian to assess the past year and the challenges that President Barack Obama is likely to face in the year ahead.

About the Speaker

Professor Pious has written The American Presidency, published multiple anthologies, and articles in Political Science Quarterly,The Wisconsin Law Review, the Journal of International Affairs, the Journal of Armed Forces and Society, and Presidential Studies Quarterly.

He has been a consultant to congressional committees dealing with the War Powers Resolution of 1973 as well as for the White House Office of Policy Development. He has lectured on war powers at the United States Military Academy at West Point, at universities in the United States and Canada, and at seminars in the Far East organized by the government of Taiwan. He has lectured on presidential power and the war on terrorism at Oxford University and the British Library. He was an adviser to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the transition from communist rule and to the Russian Mission to the United Nations. He has served as a senior consultant to the Foreign Ministry of the Government of Japan since 1994.