Declan Walsh

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Navigating Afghanistan And The U.S. Challenge in Pakistan

About the Topic

One of the biggest foreign policy challenges facing the Biden administration is what to do about Afghanistan. But Afghanistan’s fate has always been inextricably linked to that of its most important neighbor, Pakistan, which also was profoundly affected by the wars that followed 9/11. Declan Walsh draws on a decade of reporting in both countries. How might we view the history, psychology, and skulduggery between Pakistan and Afghanistan? What are the prospects for the fragile peace talks between the U.S.-backed government in Kabul and the Taliban? And what is America's role in both countries?

About the Speaker

Declan Walsh is chief Africa correspondent for The New York Times. He is the author of The Nine Lives of Pakistan: Dispatches From A Precarious State (2020). Covering Pakistan and Afghanistan for The Guardian beginning in 2004, he joined The Times in 2011 as Pakistan bureau chief. The authorities expelled Walsh in May 2013, for unspecified reasons. His tenure coincided with some of the country’s most turbulent in modern years: fraught elections, assassinations and military rule, the war in Afghanistan, and the rise of the Taliban. Born and raised in Ireland, Walsh has also written about trains, insurgencies, human rights abuses, and software fraud. He tweets @declanwalsh.

You can purchase a copy of his book The Nine Lives of Pakistan here.