Kate Fazzini

Cybersecurity Reporter, CNBC

YOUNG PATRON EVENT: Future World: The Rise of Cybercrime

About the Topic


Every hour of every day, international networks of cybercriminals, spies, and data thieves infiltrate networks operated by corporations, and governments, including election systems. What motivates these disruptors? Profit? Or something more sinister? What is worldwide law enforcement missing that allows institutions to fall victim to this low tech but costly crime?

About the Speaker

Kate Fazzini is a cybersecurity reporter for CNBC, having previously reported on cybersecurity for The Wall Street Journal. She has also worked as a principal in the cybersecurity practice at Washington D.C.-based Promontory Financial Group, now a division of IBM, and as a vice president in cybersecurity operations at JPMorgan Chase. Fazzini teaches in the applied intelligence program at Georgetown and is the author of Kingdom of Lies: Unnverving Adventures in the World of Cybercrime (2019).