Dr. Kori Schake

Director, Foreign & Defense Policy, The American Enterprise Institute

Beyond COVID-19: Choices Confronting U.S. National Security

About the Topic

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"The U.S. is only a few good choices from dramatically strengthening itself, both domestically and internationally,” cautions Dr. Kori Schake. Surveying the challenges for the next administration, she observes that foremost is recovery from the pandemic. Until then, “public interest and support for international engagement - always the principal constraint on American involvement - will simply not exist.” What are the key priorities for national security come January 2021? How might they impact a re-balancing of U.S. foreign and military policies? And which adversaries will represent America’s greatest threats?

About the Speaker

Dr. Kori Schake is the director of foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise Institute. Before joining AEI, Schake was deputy director-general of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. She has served in the Departments of State and Defense and on the NSC. In 2008, she was senior policy adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign. Among her five books is America vs the West: Can the Liberal World Order Be Preserved? (2018). Widely published in policy journals and the popular press, Schake is a contributor to The Atlantic. She tweets @KoriSchake.