Ali Soufan

Chairman and CEO of the Soufan Group and Former FBI Special Agent

Dr. Robert Malley

President and CEO of the International Crisis Group

Ayman Mohyeldin

News Anchor, MSNBC

Anatomy of Terror

About the Speaker


Ali Soufan:

Chairman and CEO, the Soufan Group, Former FBI Special Agent

Ali Soufan is the Chief Executive Officer of The Soufan Group. Mr. Soufan is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent who investigated and supervised highly sensitive and complex international terrorism cases, including the East Africa Embassy Bombings, the attack on the USS Cole, and the events surrounding 9/11. Mr. Soufan also serves as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He is the author of the newly released “Anatomy of Terror: From the Death of bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State” and The New York Times Top 10 Bestseller, "The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al Qaeda," winner of the 2012 Ridenhour Book Prize.  He is a leading national security and counterterrorism expert, and continues to play a significant advisory role on today's most sensitive issues.

 Mr. Soufan had a distinguished career in the FBI, including serving on the Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI New York Office, where he coordinated both domestic and international counterterrorism operations. He often operated out of hostile environments and carried out sensitive extra-territorial missions and high-level negotiations, and has received numerous awards and commendations for his counter-terrorism work. These include the Director of the FBI's Award for Excellence in Investigation, the Respect for Law Enforcement Award for "relentless pursuit of truth and bringing terrorist subjects before the bar of justice," and a commendation from the U.S. Department of Defense that labeled him "an important weapon in the ongoing war on terrorism." 

Mr. Soufan is an Honors graduate from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania where he received undergraduate degrees in International Studies and Political Science. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Villanova University where he received a Master of Arts in International Relations.


Dr. Robert Malley:

VP for Policy at the International Crisis Group, Former Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for MENA and the Gulf Region

Prior to joining Crisis Group in his current role, Robert Malley served in the Obama administration as Special Assistant to the President, Senior Adviser to the President for the Counter-ISIL Campaign, and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf region. He also served as Special Assistant to President Clinton for Arab-Israeli affairs and Director for Near East and South Asian affairs at the National Security Council.

Before joining the Obama administration, he was Program Director for Middle East and North Africa at Crisis Group, leading the organisation’s research, analysis, policy prescription and advocacy in and about the region.

Robert Malley is a graduate of Yale University, Harvard Law School and Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He is the author of “The Call from Algeria: Third Worldism, Revolution and the Turn to Islam” and, with Hussein Agha, of several articles, including “Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors,” “The Last Negotiation,” “Three Men in a Boat,” “Hamas – The Perils of Power” and “The Arab Counter-Revolution.”  He has published articles in the New York Review of Books, Foreign Affairs, The New York TimesThe Washington Post, Le Monde and several other publications.


Ayman Mohyeldin:

News Anchor, MSNBC

Ayman Mohyeldin is a foreign correspondent for NBC NEWS and anchor for MSNBC. He is also the host of the show ‘Roadmap’ on MSNBC’s digital channel, Shift. Since joining NBC News, Ayman has reported from Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Japan, Europe and the United States.

Inside Syria, Ayman traveled across the country reporting exclusively on the Syrian conflict with both opposition rebels and government officials. He has also reported on Syria’s humanitarian spillover into neighboring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. In September 2012, Ayman was among the first journalists to report from Benghazi, Libya following the attacks on the US Consulate. Most recently he covered the 2014 Israeli War on Gaza where his reporting was widely cited and praised around the world. In addition, to the Middle East, Ayman has covered the revolution and turmoil in Ukraine, rising tensions in Asia between North Korea and Japan.

Prior to joining NBC News, Ayman was a correspondent for Al Jazeera English based in Cairo where he was at the epicenter of Arab uprisings covering the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. In January of 2011, Ayman covered the Egyptian revolution broadcasting live street battles between the regime of President Hosni Mubarak and protestors. Throughout the revolution, Ayman reported from rooftops overlooking Tahrir Square where millions gathered to demand the removal of the President and his regime. On February 11, Ayman covered the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. His coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the fall of the Mubarak regime was recognized and praised for its distinction around the world.