Janine di Giovanni

Senior Fellow, The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University

YOUNG PATRON EVENT: Human Rights Challenges in the Middle East and Further On

About the Topic

Devastating civil wars, massive population displacement, and surging youth populations have created unprecedented human rights challenges in the Middle East and beyond. How can the region be stabilized and rebuilt?

Will the international community address the issue of growing refugee populations who face long-term displacement? Is it possible to protect civilians from terror groups and other insurgent groups? What are the prospects for reducing conflict and providing political representation to local minorities?

About the Speaker

Janine di Giovanni is a Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Previously, she was the Edward R. Murrow Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Affairs in New York. She is the former Middle East editor of Newsweek and a recent Pakis Scholar at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She received the Courage in Journalism Award for her distinguished work in war zones, focusing on tracking war criminals over the past 25 years, most recently, Syria. Her latest book, “The Morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria” was named one of the best human rights books in 2016.